Benefits of mangosteen for health

Mangosteen is a fruit that is famous for its sweet taste and the price is a little expensive compared to other fruits. Not many people know the mangosteen fruit tree. Mangosteen is a tropical tree that is always productive. Historically, mangosteen trees originated from the Sunda Islands and Maluku, Indonesian. This fruit with brownish purple skin can grow to reach 7-25 meters. You are a mangosteen maniac, of course, you need to know what the benefits of mangosteen for your health.

Mangosteen fruit has a deep red-purple skin when ripe. But when it’s young, it’s pale green or white. The fruit flesh is very sweet and white. The amount of fruit flesh according to the number of circles at the end of the fruit skin. Mangosteen can be large in 2 to 3 months.

Prevention of disease

The benefits of mangosteen for the prevention of several diseases, from minor illnesses to deadly diseases. You can use this mangosteen fruit to prevent some of the following diseases.

Prevent arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease

Mangosteen contains xanthones which are useful to prevent some of them, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevent heart disease

Heart disease is caused by a decrease in the elasticity of the heart arteries. This mangosteen fruit can increase the elasticity of blood vessels through antimicrobial and antioxidant substances contained in the mangosteen fruit. If the heart blood vessels are strong, the risk of heart attack decreases.

Prevent diabetes

Diabetes is one of the chronic and deadly diseases and affects many people. Mangosteen fruit serves to reduce excess blood sugar levels so that it can prevent diabetes.

Prevent cancer

Many studies have shown that this mangosteen contains high antioxidants that can prevent cancer. Mangosteen extract can prevent the growth of cells in patients with leukemia and stifle the rate of development of cancer cells.

Prevent vision problems

Some vision disorders such as glaucoma and cataracts are caused by radiation that removes protein in the eyepiece. These eye disorders can be prevented by eating mangosteen fruit which is rich in antioxidants.

Prevent diarrheal disease

As we get older, acid decreases in the stomach. Such conditions can increase bacteria in the stomach so that it can cause diarrheal disease. Kemamouan intestine in absorbing the essence of food decreases and also experiences excess gas. These symptoms can be prevented by eating mangosteen fruit. Inside are xanthones which can overcome excess bacteria and balance the work of the stomach.

Treatment of diseases

Treating is different from preventing. Treating a disease must be with certain recipes. If any of you suffer from a disease, the benefits of mangosteen can be used as a reference for you.

Respiratory disorders

The content of Xanthones in the mangosteen fruit can actually cure respiratory disorders.

Prevent Asthma

Asthma is one of the deadly diseases, which is caused by damage to the respiratory system. One alternative to cure asthma by eating mangosteen fruit. Mangosteen extract can fight infections and contain substances that reduce allergies.

Prevent Diabetes

In addition to prevention, the mangosteen fruit is also beneficial in treating diabetes. To help the process of healing diabetes, it is recommended to consume mangosteen fruit which contains substances that can normalize blood pressure. Mangosteen is also able to recover energy after recovering from diabetes.

Cure cancer

Antioxidant substances in the mangosteen fruit function to kill cancer cells quickly. The results of the study state that the mangosteen fruit extract prevents cell growth in patients with lung cancer and colon cancer.

The benefits of mangosteen are very large because there are Xanthones compounds that function as antioxidants both to prevent and treat disease. [] 

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