Pegaga Leaves, Wild Plants Give 5 Health Benefits

For some people, pegaga is a wild plant. But some others consider this leaf to be a good meal that provides many benefits. In Aceh, this plant is known as ‘oen peugaga’. Usually made fresh vegetables.

Round leaves, known as the Latin name ‘Centella Asiatica’. Usually, it can be found on plantations, fields, rice fields to the edge of the road. This wild plant is also known as the leaves of the horse’s legs, antanan.

Although spelled wild plants, pegaga leaves turned out to be used as food and have many health benefits.

1. Reducing Stress

Pegegaga consumed regularly turns out to be effective in reducing anxiety and stress. A study in India revealed that if consumed on a small scale, these leaves help make the body feel relaxed and calm.

This efficacy has also been proven since ancient times as an herbal medicine to treat nerve disorders and promote blood circulation. In West Java, pegaga leaves are usually made fresh vegetables.

2. Promotes digestion

Pegaga leaves contain natural substances that are good for digestive problems. Starting from heartburn, flatulence to facilitate digestion. Gotu kola leaves are also powerful medicine for urinating for those who experience urinary tract problems.

For the people of Indonesia, these leaves are commonly eaten every day.

3. Curing Skin Wounds

One of the ingredients of pegaga leaves is ‘asiaticoside’ which is an anti-leprosy and wound healing. This substance is recognized by medicine as one of the most effective skin wound healers.

In addition to healing wounds, pegaga leaves can also eliminate and disguise excessive scars. Now many herbal medicines derived from pegaga leaves are made to remove keloids to stretch marks.

4. Cancer Prevention

The antioxidant content in these leaves also should not be underestimated. Pegaga is considered to be one of the natural foods that can prevent cancer cells from arising.

These leaves can be eaten directly in a raw state. Usually mixed vegetables or vegetables in cooking. The leaf called bebele in Lombok has a sweet and fresh taste.

5. Good for the skin

For women who want smooth skin, one of them can consume pegaga leaves. The content of vitamin E and collagen in leaves helps treat skin health.

Besides eating it directly, gotu kola leaves are also available in extract and tea forms. Pegaga tea has a fresh aroma and good taste so it can be an alternative to ordinary tea.

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